The 2017 Amory Railroad Festival Marks Another Successful Year!

April 18, 2017

By: Evan Ricks, Marketing & Operations Coordinator, MaxxSouth Broadband

The Amory Railroad Festival has had another very successful run, attracting a very large number of attendees during the 4 day long event this year!  There was quite a lot of excitement surround Thursday night’s festivities, in particular, as hometown hero Trent Harmon took to the stage almost 1 year to the day after being crowned the very last American Idol ever!

Last year, MaxxSouth Broadband brought out a huge jumbotron for attendees of the festival to watch live as Trent brought home the title.  The company played a large role as sponsors again this year, and was able to catch up with Harmon to get his thoughts about last year’s event.

“I have talked numerous times to different folks about what was the most important thing during the broadcasting of Idol last year.  To me, I think it could have quite possibly been having the jumbotron setup,” Harmon said after his performance.  “Without that, it wouldn’t have been as visual.”

“I actually got to see the aerial view of it about 2 o’clock in the morning whenever I was in my hotel room,” Harmon added.  “I was like, ‘Holy cow!  They have a jumbotron in Amory!’  So, thank you to MaxxSouth for making that happen!”

Below are pictures from Thursday.  Click to enlarge!

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