Join Jeff McManus for his Book Signing Event in Oxford!

August 30, 2017

By: Heather McMillan, Marketing & Operations Coordinator, MaxxSouth Broadband

Jeff McManus is debuting his new book titled Growing Weeders into Leaders on September 6th at Square Books in Oxford, MS.

MaxxSouth is excited to be a part of this event and help promote Mr. McManus’ work. “It is important that we continue to support organizations and individuals that push our students and communities to become their best selves and the best leaders for our future”, said Heather McMillan, Marketing and Operations Coordinator at MaxxSouth. “With his new book, Jeff McManus is inspiring our communities to be top leaders in their fields and lives”.

The book states that “at some point in this postmodern life, individual greatness has lost its appeal for many of us. It has been commodified and relegated to those who are measured by shortest/longest times, impressive distances, highest heights, lowest lows, medals won, [and] honors given”. Growing Weeders into Leaders is about the “GREATNESS […] we can DO…every day…without recognition or reward, but for the satisfaction that comes from meeting the challenge, creating a team, and overcoming the odds.”

Mr. McManus is the Director of Landscape Services at University of Mississippi “Ole Miss” and has worked with them for over 17 years. The Ole Miss campus has received numerous accolades under the care of Mr. McManus, such as being named “The Most Beautiful Campus” by a number of national publications and, most recently, recognition in a USA Today Reader’s Choice competition.

“After helping transform the Ole Miss campus from a former beauty into what is frequently hailed as the country’s most stunning, Jeff McManus knows a few things about building an award-winning team…No matter what business you’re in, Jeff can help your team reach its full potential” stated University of Mississippi Chancellor, Jeffrey S. Vitter.

The book will be available for purchase starting September of this year. You can find it at your local or online bookstores.

For more information on Jeff McManus and his work, please visit

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