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KT’s Cinderella Closet

August 21, 2019

By: Lynzee Rushing, Marketing Coordinator Supervisor, MaxxSouth Broadband

MaxxSouth Broadband is thrilled to be a sponsor of KT’s Cinderella Closet, an organization that provides prom and pageant dresses to those who cannot afford them. Katelynn Springsteen, of Booneville, started this organization when someone she knew was unable to afford a prom dress. Moved by that experience, Katelynn began collecting dresses, and after many generous donations, has acquired over 300 dresses!

With the help of her best friend, Gregg Grisham, Katelynn plans to expand even more. Katelynn’s support system is incredible. They are in the process of photographing the dresses to put on a website. Although her expectation was to simply provide a few dresses to local girls, she has been able to further her reach and has provided a dress for someone attending a Cowboy Prom in Tennessee, as well as helping a woman find her perfect wedding dress.

This is a personal mission for Katelynn, since her mom, her biggest supporter, struggled with keeping three daughters in dresses for pageants and proms, and she doesn’t want anyone to miss out on those activities simply because they can’t purchase or rent a dress.

At this time, the organization is a loan service, but Katelynn says that she hopes to expand enough that the dresses won’t have to be returned.

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