MaxxSouth Broadband Announces Six-figure Support Agreement with Mississippi State University

April 14, 2016

Press Release

Starkville, MS (April 13, 2016) – MaxxSouth Broadband — a provider of high-speed Internet, cable
TV and phone services in northern Mississippi – has committed gift-in kind support to the
Mississippi State University Foundation valued at $750,000 as part of the company’s continued
commitment to higher education in the region.

As part of the support agreement, MaxxSouth Broadband will provide advertising and other
services to MSU Libraries and to a variety of other programs at the university over a three-year
period. This support will provide for a positive impact not only to the students enrolled at MSU,
but to the Mississippi community in general that benefit from the various programs that MSU
and MSU Libraries provide to local residents.

“Universities play such an important role in society, so we feel it is our duty to give back,” said
Peter Kahelin, President and CEO of MaxxSouth Broadband. “The purpose of our support to the
Mississippi State University Foundation is to maintain and enhance the academic excellence for
which this fine institution is known for, and the benefits they bring to the Mississippi
community as a whole.”

The impetus for the latest gift was the generous February donation of a major collection of
rare, early Mississippi law books to the MSU Libraries Special Collections Department by John
Robinson Block, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade,
which, like MaxxSouth, are subsidiaries of Block Communications.

That donation, which means the most extensive collection of Mississippi Territory imprints
published prior to 1817 are now housed at Mississippi State University, opened the door to
further conversations about MaxxSouth support.

“MaxxSouth and Block Communications, Inc., with their generous contributions, have
demonstrated just how invested they are in the communities in which they operate,” said
Frances Coleman, Dean of Libraries at MSU. “This helps promote our vision of delivering
excellent programs of teaching, research and service.”

As a result, MaxxSouth Broadband will be recognized as a donor into the MSU Foundation’s
Stephen D. Lee Society level within the prestigious Legacy of Leadership.

“It is truly wonderful to see how our relationship has blossomed with MaxxSouth Broadband,”
said Asya Cooley, Director of Development for the MSU Foundation. “This company is a
significant contributor and conscientious steward of our learning environment.”

Through its Community First program, MaxxSouth Broadband has already contributed
thousands of dollars to the areas it services, delivering on the company’s mission to give back
and support its communities in ways that enhance their quality of life.

About MaxxSouth Broadband:

MaxxSouth Broadband service area for video, high-speed Internet and digital phone stretches more than 200 miles and includes 20 counties and 60 communities in northern Mississippi and Alabama. The company currently has approximately 80,000 subscribers for broadband services and passes 110,000 homes. Operating as a subsidiary of the reputable and diversified media holding company Block Communications Inc., MaxxSouth Broadband continues to expand and enhance its state-of-the-art broadband network in the communities it serves. For more information, visit www.MaxxSouth.com

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