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MaxxSouth Broadband Expands 1 Gigabit Internet Service in Oxford

April 24, 2017

Press Release

OXFORD, Miss. (April 24, 2017)— MaxxSouth Broadband leaps into the future with a brand new DOCSIS 3.1 technology upgrade in Oxford. Combined with existing fiber-to-the-home technology that was launched last year, the company will soon offer all Oxford residents access to 1 Gigabit Internet speeds.

“DOCSIS 3.1 is the latest in digital communication technologies,” Peter Kahelin, MaxxSouth Broadband president and CEO said. “The new network will allow for download speeds up to 1 Gigabit in all communities within Oxford. These speeds are dramatically faster than the average speed of Internet connection in the United States.”

1 Gigabit Internet speeds represent a download capability of 1,000 Megabits. With a 1 Gigabit connection, a customer can download a two-hour HD movie in about 25 seconds. The same movie would take 32 minutes to download on a standard 20 Megabit Internet connection.

“Most of our customers in Oxford have Internet speeds of about 60 Megabits per second,” Kahelin said. “The DOCSIS 3.1, along with our current fiber-to-the home technology, will allow us to offer speeds that are up to 16 times faster than the average connection in the city. Higher speeds will benefit students, businesses and residential communities alike.”

The deployment of the new MaxxSouth Broadband DOCSIS 3.1 technology will begin early summer of this year, with all Oxford communities having access to the service by the end of July. Kahelin added that all University of Mississippi students will be able to enjoy the new 1 Gigabit Internet speeds upon their return for the fall semester.

About MaxxSouth Broadband:

MaxxSouth Broadband’s service area for video, high-speed Internet and digital phone stretches more than 200 miles and includes 20 counties and 61 communities in northern Mississippi and Alabama. The company currently has approximately 85,000 subscribers for broadband services and passes 110,000 homes. Operating as a subsidiary of the reputable and diversified media holding company Block Communications Inc., MaxxSouth Broadband continues to expand and enhance its state-of-the-art broadband network in the communities it serves. For more information, visit

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